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Mixing is a process involing fitting all the tracks stems together, changing volume, tone and the sound image. A mixed song has all its elements set in a correct place, so they’re not arguing with each other, resulting in a clear sounding, pleasant in listening finished song.

Mastering is a process that comes after mixing and its job is to adjust the final song volume to applicable standards, so it doesn’t stand out among other songs. It also involves adding detail to the sound and cleaning out all the unwanted frequencies that cause trouble, so your song becomes the best possible.

Songs are being mixed with track stems. Those are separate .wav files of every instrument/vocal in your song.

To export track stems you can follow the tutorials I’ve gathered here. Make sure you’ve turned off all the sound effects you had in your session (reverbs, delays, EQs, compressors), since they’ll be applied in the mixing process.

Put the exported files in a folder that you’ll name with your artist name and the song/album title. Now go to the bottom of that page and click “Send files for Mixing & Mastering” button. Now drag and drop the created folder directly into the file request window. The song will be sent directly to my Dropbox account.

Scroll down to the “Pay for Mixing & Mastering” button and click it to see the pricing.

All the payments are being processed by PayPal. The payment is required in advance, before I start working on your project. You’ll see a “pay for the Mixing & Mastering” button at the bottom of this page. Click it and follow the instructions.

I always take care to make your music sound the best possible, but sometimes subjective points of view may vary. Due to the time I put into my work I do not issue any money refunds.

The total amonut of time I’ll spend on a song varies depending on the project size. I’ll inform you about the approximate time after I check your song after sending it to me.

Depending on the platform you contacted me on I’ll send your song to your e-mail, Facebook or Instagram.

You’ll receive a fixed link for your personal folder on Dropbox that won’t every change, where you’ll find all your songs mixed by me.

No need to worry. Every mix has up to 5 revisions included, so I can apply all the changes you want.

From my experience you won’t need more than 3 revisions, but in case your song needs more work every additional revision is $10.

Selected songs mixed by me