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Wanna make your song sound decent and ready for the streaming platforms? Purchase the service, send your files here (click) and let’s hit the charts! Please read the detailed description below before making a purchase.

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How do I send the files?

Click here to send your files for mixing

What are vocal stems?

A vocal track stem is one file including your vocal – main verse vocal or backing chorus vocal as an example. Count all your vocals (please count verse, chorus, bridge vocals and etc. separately) to get the total amount of vocal track stems in your project.

How do I determine my recording quality?

It’s simple – if you recorded your vocals at home without any acoustic treatment – select the first option.

If your room has professional acoustic treatment or you recorded your vocals at a professional studio –  select the second option.

Please do not use the second option if you’re using amateur grade treatment including various, cheap “acoustic” foams from Amazon and eBay, cardboard egg containers, acoustic shields withaout any other treatment etc. Trust me, I’ll hear that 😉

What’s vocal tuning?

Manual vocal tuning (not to be mistaken with Auto-Tune) is a process where the engineer adjusts all the vocal notes by hand, one after another. It’s a really lengthy process and can take most of the mixing process.

Instrumental tracks?

Most of the times your instrumental will be in a single, stereo WAV or MP3 file – select the first option then.

If you happen to obtain separate tracks with all the instruments from your instrumental – count them and select the proper option.

What if my track’s not fitting into these options?

I’ll name the price manually – please contact me at

How long will the mixing take?

Usually around 7 working days.

How will I receive the finished song?

I’ll send you a personal Dropbox link where all your files in our collaboration will be stored for at least 30 days.

How many revisions are included?

I don’t designate any particular number of revisions – I’ll be working on the song until you’re happy with the result, but at the same time I try to be reasonable with it, so if you have anny suggestions about the changes in the mix, please listen carefully, take notes and send them to me, so we don’t have to make another revision every single little change.

5 reviews for Online Mix & Mastering

  1. Jonathan

    Top notch, gonna send some more songs for sure

  2. Ayon

    I’ve known Wodzu for over 2 years now and his work ethic, attention to detail and professionalism in this industry are inspiring to say the least.

    His vast knowledge and diversity in both his production and engineering skills, are a testament to all the years he has spent working relentlessly on his craft.

    With that being said, I highly recommend his services. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. Erik

    I can only recommend this guy! Perfect mix/master plus really chill and outgoing guy! 10/10

  4. Sandra

    Worked with many people in the past, but Wodzu made me stay with his quality and attention to detail. Totally recommended!

  5. Killxv

    The studio has top notch production quality, really worth each buck just for the experience. Wodzu, a sound enthusiast, an experienced engineer and a producer with a diverse taste in music is what we really deserve as artists/bands to bring our creative vision to life. cheers and thanks, Wodzu. Hope to work with you on many more projects.

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