10 free beats by Wodzu Beats


10 free beats you can use for your projects. Just credit me in the title and paste the link to my Beat Store in the description. Enjoy!



These are hand-picked productions from my catalogue I’ve been creating for the past few years. Use them wisely!

You can use the beats free of charge, hovewer if your song reaches 100 000 (one hundred thousand) views/plays on any platform please contact me to discuss the split payment details (50% of the songs total royalties goes to you and 50% goes to me, Wodzu Beats).

The above applies only if your song “blows up”. I’ll know about that, since I’m tracking what’s happening with my beats using various content identification systems, so please be honest with me 😉

Before 100 000 you’re free to go, even if you make a few dollars out of your tracks based on my beats.

Please credit me in the track title (on YouTube, Soundcloud etc.) or in a proper section (on streaming platforms like Spotify) and put the link to my Beat Store in the track description (only on the platforms that have descriptions like Youtube, Soundcloud etc.)

IMPORTANT: DO NOT REGISTER YOUR SONG BASED ON THESE BEATS IN ANY CONTENT IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS (such as Content ID on YouTube). It’ll result in a conflict and your song may be taken down.

I think that’s a fair agreement, but if you have any objections or reservations just let me know at wodzu@wodzubeats.com

The beats are in 3 versions – WAVE, MP3 and WAVE (NO LIMITER) which are the best to mix on, since they have the highest dynamic range. If you need the tracks mixed go to: https://wodzubeats.com/product/online-mix-mastering/

Make sure you send me the finished (or unfinished, haha, I know how life goes sometimes) tracks you’ve made with the beats. I’d love to hear them!

Have a nice recording session!


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